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Joint Replacement Therapy

miscassistance_xsComprehensive rehabilitation programs for total joint replacement patients.

Our experienced total joint replacement physical and occupational therapists are specifically trained to address the unique rehabilitation needs of knee, hip, shoulder and ankle joint replacement patients. Total Rehabilitation therapists describe the typical rehabilitation process, offer suggestions for making a safe transition from hospital to home, and answer questions.

Available total joint replacement therapy services include:

  • customized rehabilitation programs designed to meet a patient’s specific needs, goals and fitness level
  • restoring mobility, function, strength and flexibility
  • reducing pain and stiffness
  • fall prevention and balance
  • learning to use adaptive tools to complete daily living tasks

A personalized approach

Rehabilitation will help you strengthen the muscles around your new joint and restore mobility. Our therapists will create a customized plan for you, which will include home exercises, outpatient rehabilitation, and ways to make your post-operative activities safe and productive.